Freitag, 6. Juni 2008

How do you solve a problem like the Führer?

Funny, i didnt know Linz will be Europes capital of culture 2009... but in the end the should'nt deal with Hitler too much, he anyway became - sadly enough - some kinda popstar
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How do you solve a problem like the Fuhrer?

One of the last photographs of Hitler shows him sitting at a low table,
studying the Nibelungen Bridge he had thrown across the Danube as a
prelude to more grandiose constructions. In his final will and
testament, Hitler bequeathed Linz his personal art collection. Linz, in
Hitler’s fantasy, was going to be Europe’s capital of culture.

Even if there were cultural grounds for celebrating Linz – and there are
some – someone on an EU salary should surely have spotted that 2009 is
the 70th anniversary of Hitler’s war and the 120th of his birth. No year
with a 9 in it is a good time to talk about the genius of Linz,
regardless of the passage of time.

Next year, that dream will be fulfilled. By some quirk of Brussels
chicanery or a triple ironic bypass after a liquid lunch, Linz has been
chosen to succeed Liverpool as Europe’s artistic hub for the year 2009.
It’s a decision beyond satire, or reason.

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